The Confectionery Vito Filingeri produces a vast assortment of refined, fresh and genuine products, among which cakes for every party and recurrence decorated with the subjects of cartoons for the smallest, cakes “sporting” and you personalize for the adults, tarts with cream and fruit, with dry fruit or ricotta to the oven able to recall once still the taste of the sweets of, or even those of his/her/their grandmother, tiramisù from the taste casereccio, parfait of almonds and filberts, cold seeds of various tastes that go from the full-bodied taste of the cocoa to the freshness of the citrus fruit of Sicily, not to forget the specialty of the house, the famous one “Setteveli” which name already says everything …7 layers of sweetness..; the confectionery mignon, more and more wonderful and assorted, always renewed and greedy. On the occasion of the principal festivities products realize him “seasonal”, as doves and Easter lambs, traditional or to the oven with cedrata; eggs of chocolate decorated and you personalize in the sketches or real works of art able to surprise great and small; pandori and simple panettoni or stuffed, with or without candied, that embellish the wrappings and the exclusive Christmas baskets; base sweets of dry fig trees and almonds to Christmas; the fruit martorana, available not only during the party of the Corpses but also the whole year to always guarantee the tastes of our tradition. Among the products of handicraft gelateria you/they can be tasted frozen by the assorted tastes to base of cream, fruit, peperoncino and ice creams ipocaloric's. You/they can also be found sweets without sugar or without gluten to offer the possibility to live to everybody “sweets” moments. © 2005 tutti i diritti riservati